Brewmaster Anniversary Series

White Rabbit Lemon Raspberry Radler

Radler | ALC. 3.5 % | 17 IBU

A Super sensational, surprisingly spritzing, seductive summer RADLER. The Lemon Raspberry White Rabbit Radler is a delicious summer blend of lemons, raspberries and our citra hoped white rabbit hefeweizen. This blend results in a fruity nose, pronounced mostly by the raspberries and citra hops, but on the palate you get a great hefe taste and light lemon finish. It immediately demands a second, third and fourth sip to figure out what just happened in your mouth.

PART OF THE RUSSELL BREWMASTER SERIES - a succession of small batch beers crafted for an unconventional beer drinker.

  • 473ml Tall Can
  • Sold out at the brewery!
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Brewmaster Anniversary Series