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Any employee experiencing any symptoms of being unwell or if they have been in close contact (within 2 meters) with anyone who is experiencing symptoms of being unwell or has tested positive or has traveled to an at-risk area is forbidden from attending work. Symptoms include but are not limited to fever, sniffles, fatigue, cough, and difficulty breathing; if you are experiencing ABSOLUTELY ANY symptoms of being unwell DO NOT REPORT TO WORK. If you are concerned about having COVID-19 and need help please call 8-1-1 or your health care provider.

Any employee that has not reported to work due to experiencing symptoms or exposure to someone experiencing symptoms needs to have a negative result COVID-19 test and be experiencing absolutely no symptoms of being unwell before they will be allowed to return to work.


All personnel reporting to work will be tested for temperature, which should not be above 37.8 degrees Celsius. Staff will be asked if they are experiencing any symptoms of being unwell and should answer candidly.

All non-essential personnel is requested to stay off brewery premises until further notice.

It is mandatory that a facemask be worn at all times while on the premises. You can provide your own facemask or one while be provided for you.

Wash and sanitize hands upon arriving at work, at regular intervals while at work, and before departing the brewery. Please follow the recommended instructions for proper handwashing.

Be sure to sanitize the workspace at hourly intervals.

All regular vessel and machine sanitization to be increased by 33% until further notice.

There are to be no more than 2 staff members in the break room at any time to allow for proper social distancing. Please only use the two chairs in the pre-designated locations to maintain proper social distancing. It is forbidden to use shared dishes and utensils on-premises until further notice. Always use gloves and wear a facemask when using the microwave, coffee maker, and water dispenser and sanitize after use.

Staff washrooms are single person use only and should be sanitized after every use.

Until further notice, it is necessary for employees to remain in their departments with their cohorts while on RBC property. Send texts to warehouse staff to request material movement to the cohort location.

Before departing the brewery area remove gloves and discard.

Upon return to the brewery area, be sure to wash and sanitize hands as per the attached instructions for proper handwashing before applying sanitary gloves.

ONLY the Warehouse Supervisor will handle receiving at Russell Brewing Company. Warehouse Supervisor to proceed with contactless receiving protocol.