Russell Brewing

Tasting Room


It was a process...

We wish we could say it was as easy as 1 – 2 – 3, but there were (and still are) a few more steps we need to make before this tasting room becomes a reality.

1. We Applied Once

We need to go all the way back to 2018 when we tabled the idea and got our application together and submitted with the municipality.

2. We Applied… Twice

After many months of waiting, we received our application back, but with some issues. With the issues resolved, we resubmitted.

3. We Got Approved

We’ll skip over some of the details, but we re-applied a few more times before we FINALLY received our conditional approval.

4. We’re Opening Soon!

Things are finally coming along! Plans are in motion, hammers are a swingin’, and our space is looking a lot like a tasting room!

Join us when we’re open?

We’re slowly breathing life into the formerly vacant front room of our Surrey headquarters, and we want for you to join us when we’re up and running! If you’d like to be kept in the loop with everything tasting room, drop your email into the box below.