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Pacific FC X Russell Brewing

By April 24, 2019No Comments

We are very excited to be one of the five craft breweries selected to be part of the Pacific FC’s inaugural season. We are looking forward to an unbelievable season and can’t wait for you all to enjoy our craft brews!!

The Canadian Premier League

The time has arrived for Canadian soccer supporters, players, coaches and everyone in the game who’ve long dreamt for a league to call our own. Our long journey has led us to this point, and we’re ready to seize the moment.

Canadian grit sets us apart and embodies soccer fans across the country. Working as one for a league to call our own; a league where supporters, players, coaches, clubs are all united by passion for Canada and passion for the game. Coming together to create an authentic league from the ground up, truly for Canadians, by Canadians.

We are also the most diverse country on earth, and that makes us unique. Our story is about the people. We’re a group of First Nations, immigrants, languages and cultures. We are driven by our desire to be the very best. Diversity is our strength. We are a Cultural Mosaic.

For far too long, many talented kids have dreamt of playing professional soccer in vain. With nowhere to go, their dreams have been dashed as the road to pro was a dead-end path. In some ways we have out-sourced our path to the professional game to other nations. Not anymore.

Enter the Canadian Premier League, a league for Canadians, by Canadians. Players and supporters from coast to coast will finally have a competition to truly call their own. Our clubs will embody the spirit of the community and country. Players will have a league to develop and showcase their skills in front of loyal and passionate supporters that sing and chant their name. They will also bond and forge relationships with fellow Canadians who share similar experiences.

History will be written, and rivalries will be born. Colours will be flown, and respect will be earned. This will be the main stage for our very best to compete for the right to represent the Maple Leaf. All while elevating the standard of play across all levels of the game and building the player pool for our national teams.

The Canadian Premier League will be the light that guides us to our ultimate goal. Our future is bright.

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